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Jul 15, 2019

Best tunes released and forthcoming in the world of drum & bass. All tunes spun in the mix on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif.


Artist, Song, Label
1 Voltage, Big Guns, Low Down Deep Recordings
2 Samurai Breaks, No Need, The Dreamers Recordings
3 Mefjus, Bowsar & Kaiza, Gravitational Lensing, Close 2 Death
4 Neonlight, The Frozen Tape, Diascope
5 Samurai Breaks, Party Starter, The Dreamers Recordings
6 Samurai Breaks, Pump Up The Volume, The Dreamers Recordings
7 Neonlight & Hedj, System Error, Diascope
8 Warp Fa2e, Break, Close 2 Death
9 Exile & Mark XTC, Take Me Away (Come Hard Mix), Serial Killaz
10 L Plus, Raw Power, Technique Recordings
11 Agro feat. Killa P, Ruff Ride, Sub-liminal Recordings
12 Maztek, Motherboard Burning, Close 2 Death
13 Samurai Breaks, Wurkdat, The Dreamers Recordings
14 DJ Ransome and SynthForce, Glacier, Celsius Recordings